Sanctuary Teas and Books

The most recent flyer circulated through the standard means was for a staple among the community. Much like other places that members of the supernatural community congregate, it was painstakingly designed to not let energy build. This one however was done with a more mystical touch, and less of the mathematical principles used by most, like in Behrmann’s Basement. This place has been known to carry many books on different topics, but it is noted far and wide for its wide selection of occult books, some even containing real secrets, and they also sell Elementary Magic by Ebenezar McCoy.

At Sanctuary Teas and books you can browse 200 book categories, from Acupuncture to Zen, Affirmations to Yoga. We also carry… Gifts, Cards, Jewelry, Crafts, Art, Music, Incense, Ritual Items, Candles, Aromatherapy, Body Tools & Yoga Supplies.

The books and other items that are available at Crazy Wisdom reflect the careful choices our buyers make to bring the customer the best selection of merchandise available to nurture Body, Mind and Spirit.

The owner is a man by the name of Frank Podmore who as most can tell is just a normal human.Benjamin Craig is known to be his silent partner in this business.

Sanctuary Teas and Books

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