Tommy Reiley

Hot-headed Enforcer


Tommy is a man who is known in all the worst parts of town either by face or name. His reputation of violence and short-temper and belief that you end all arguments with a bullet. A short and stocky man in his late 50’s who is starting to show the signs of someone living a life of hard drugs and alcohol since a young age. He is constantly seen at the side of Johnny Marcano. The two of them are believed to have been enforcers for the Italians since its hay-day, and in the 80’s running their own street crew that was a force for the heads of the Italians.

Tommy, many who have seen him drunk would say, is an emotional drunk. He is known to go on binges through some of the seedier bars and places of St. Louis, and being an emotional mess the whole time. Many who bring it up, or have been known to pry end up with a short ride with a long stay in the ER.


Tommy Reiley

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