Tiberius Lucius Hawksworth

White Council Wizard


An older looking man, his appearance doesn’t even give away his real age. Known to be a full member of the White Council for just over two centuries, Tiberius is also known as one of the wardens who survived the attack on Kemmler and later was sent to deal with the after effects and hunt of Justin DuMorne’s apprentices. He determined that the girl apprentice was just being used as a tool to corrupt the male apprentice, and so was responsible for her release. His further handling of the situation earned him the hatred and disgust of Ebenezar McCoy. Ebenezar took the Doom of Damocles for the young Wizard, and Hawksworth was one of the most vocal wardens for this not being allowed, but traditional punishment, death, be carried out. McCoy won out, and has made Hawksworth’s life difficult at every chance, including having him assigned to St. Louis so he could torment him at will.


Tiberius Lucius Hawksworth

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