Frank Podmore


Frank Podmore, called “Pod” by his close friends, of which there are few, he is the owner of Sanctuary Teas and Books. He also manages and works the place except on a few occasions. He has a few side helpers, who are college kids that just need a weekend or evening job part time. He is believed to be a kind hearted soul in a world and community of hard and angry people. He has never been robbed, in the thirty years he has been in business, and it is believe that is either to the rumor he is a Medium, who collects and stores some of the most dangerous ghosts wandering the city, or more likely because his business partner is Benjamin Craig.

Podmore is a slightly built, older man, who wears glasses usually, and generally has a smile on his face. He isn’t very tall, or short, and is almost the epitome of average looks, height, and size.


Frank Podmore

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