Ebenezar McCoy

Old, short, stocky, long bearded Wizard


Ebenezar McCoy is better than three centuries old. Short and stocky, he’s bald with a fringe of white hair, a bristling white beard, gold-rimmed spectacles, and a jowly countenance over a bull neck. He has a horse farm in the Ozarks (Hog Hollow, MO), and works it (mostly) with the sweat of his brow, giving the old man a surprisingly strong back and hands. He’s an amateur stargazer and makes his own Scotch.

Don’t let his “down-home-jus’-folks” nature make you think he’s not that sharp—his book Elementary Magic is still the first one many magical instructors give their pupils. McCoy also has a reputation as a magical brawler, using primal destructive forces.


Ebenezar McCoy

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