Dr. Reid Washburn


A young looking man, hardly anyone he works with would believe he is almost 40. He has been working for many years, and has been offered better positions in the hospital that he works, however he prefers to work in the ER, because it makes him feel he is able to help people who are in most need of his help. He is prized by the hospital, as one of the country’s best emergency surgeons, and it is almost as if he has some extra sense when things are going to go wrong. He leads a solitary lifestyle, as most women have difficulty dealing with the fact that he seems to have this drive to always be at work, and he seems to have an issue with infidelity.

Many among the supernatural community know him to be a vanilla mortal, but also know him to have received the protection of Benjamin Craig, whether he knows his benefactor’s true power or not. It is rumored that his father was one of Craig’s guards in the 60’s when it was difficult being a prominent black man in St. Louis. It was well known that a rather fervent racist group at the time attacked the Manor.


Dr. Reid Washburn

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